About Us

The Company Vision

To be the most influential media Company in Turkye over the next twenty years.

The Company Mission

To influence the people through modern media by using sound, image and video techniques.

The Company Name

TOTINO, it's my last cat with the black &white hair, it was quarrelsome and curious with creative ideas, but I lost it at the beginning of the Syrian revolution...

After two years in Istanbul, I decided to start my own project, which stems from my experience in Media Production and photography (since2008) and I name it TOTINO

So TOTINO is a company stated in 2015 and officially licensed on Friday 24/11/2017. With the title "TOTİNO MEDYA TİCARET LİMİTED ŞİRKETİ "in Turkish or TOTINO MEDIA in English  

The company colors: red, white and gray...

(White and red)

Red is a warm color and it's the first color that is captured by the eye among all the other colors as it has the longest color wave. It is one of the basic colors that arouse attention and emotions and makes the looker feel stimulated and enthusiastic.

White color is the master of colors. It is the color of purity and goodness. It is also the color that, if analyzed, all the colors of the spectrum will come out to you.

The Company Stamp

The stamp of the company is in the shape of   (real cat fingerprint). In fact, it is a drawing of the fingerprint of my cat TOTINO, I prepared this handprint and chose it as a stamp, and it's a symbol of leaving an impact. So Totino Media leaves an impact wherever it goes.

The Fields of our business

  • Photography (Food - Conferences - Weddings -   fashion - Portrait sessions - Products - Landscape)

  • Video filming (Promotions - Documentaries - TV programs - Advertising - Short films - Cooking programs - Reports and news - Interviews - Coverage – Song Clips)

  • Full television production (Equipment Renting – Staff Crews – Scenarios writing - Editing - Directing services- Decorations – Locations  )

  • Video graphic services (Animated visual identities - Motion graphics - Animation)

  • Audio services (Studios - Dubbing - Text recording - Songs)

  • Supporting services we perform through our strategic partners; each according to his specialty (Graphic - Translation – E-marketing – Organizing conferences - Printing)

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Equipment Rental

Our equipment is continuously updated to keep pace with the needs of the TV production market in Istanbul.


Video Production

Totino Media implements all visual works of television programs, videos, Photo advertisements, documentary films and short films, etc.



From our main activity in Turkye is media coverage of events (conferences, concerts, lectures, seminars, festivals, and exhibitions). 



At TOTINO Media we photographing (restaurants & Foods, seminars, conferences, exhibitions, portraits, Wedding sessions, and landscape) professionally.

What People Says?


Thank you for the wonderful and perfect work you did for us


Jane Smith Customer


The best company in the field of photography and production


Alison Clutcher Customer


Professional photography and well done


ahmed Customer